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17.07.2008aguinaldo l. lugayan

Referring to our request submitted to the DENR (Department of Environment and Natural Resources) in Antipolo City on 3 July 2008 regarding the legal status of our land, the DENR sent Aguinaldo L. Lugayan to survey the land. He defined the border lines with the help of a GPS system. A map was issued by the DENR for the official recognition of Thomas Daquioag as occupant of the piece of land.

23.11.2008ann vogel and our friends

Ann Vogel, a sociologist from Singapore Management University visited us in November 2008 together with our friends from Manila. We planted seedlings and feasted on delicious, freshly picked bananas and papayas from our own farm.

(f.l.t.r. Renante Ferrer, Ann Vogel, Christ Ferrer, Rodolfo Ferrer, Mannet Villariba, Thomas Daquioag, Kaye O´Yek, Lhot Punoan, Rommel Espinosa, Pipo Domagas, Jennifer Ayad, Gabby Mondragon)

22.08.2009richard thomas

We were very happy to have Australian artist Richard Thomas visit myforestfarm. Now he is also one of the few people who have seen what we are up to.

(f.l.t.r. Gabby Mondragon, Richard Thomas, Thomas Daquioag, Dirk Fleischmann, Rodolfo Ferrer)

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