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mycarboncredits, series of 1838 photos,terms

mycarboncredits is a series of 1838 photos. Each photo represents one tree from myforestfarm. Each tree has a name and is mapped with gps. The title of the photo refers to the name of the actual tree, which it represents. The images are macroscopic photos of the CD surface, where the digital photo of the actual tree is visually traceable. Each photographic art work is offered for 10 Euro.

The income feeds 100% into the fund to sustain myforestfarm. The photos are unique copies and will be delivered by email in the form of a digital jpg file (native resolution: 5616 x 3744 Pixel). Printing or framing is not included in the price. It is on the expense of the collector to produce a photo print from the file (47,5cm x 31,7cm at 300dpi). Dirk Fleischmann reserves the right to print one artist proof.

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