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Thomas Daquioag (*1971, Philippines) is a multi-awarded artist who has had a successful residency in the Vermont Studio Centre in the USA and a series of one-man art exhibitions. “Hero” (ARIAS, Makati), “Close Encounter” (Vermont Studio Centre), and “Discombobulating Images” (Philippine Centre, New York). Currently residing in Bangkal, Makati (Metro Manila), Daquioag documents the compromising situations between lumpen life amidst looming developments in the city. His recent works attempt to break the convention of figurative painting by infusing fantasy fiction and comic-style illustrations into realistic subjects and execution. The result, a “tragicomedy” work of art that magnifies incredible resilience of body, heart and spirit of the common folk specially the underprivileged.

If you are interested in visiting myforestfarm or for any other inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us at:limuranin@myforestfarm.com

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myforestfarm is located in the mountains near Antipolo City, (Rizal Province, Philippines). The indigenous name of this mountain area is Limuranin. It is only accessible by foot, 20 minutes away from the next mountain village Sitio San Josef (Barangay San Jose), where our farmer Rodolfo Ferrer is living with his family.

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Rodolfo Ferrer (*1961) is the farmer and caretaker of myforestfarm. He has been living for more than 25 years in Sitio San Josep with his wife Pecina. They have seven daughters and two sons.

dirk fleischmann

Dirk Fleischmann's (*1974, Germany) art is driven by interest in the ephemeral and the invisible dimensions of the processes that constitute daily life. His network of long-running, process-based projects often relate to economical and ecological matters, blurring the boundaries between art, culture, politics, science and business enterprise on its most basic scale. Through his kiosk, trailer rental, chicken eggs, solar power, game show, virtual real estate or fashion projects he experiments on temporary alternative conditions that challenge given capitalist structures with his own artistic means that are playful yet critical. Dirk Fleischmann initiated myforestfarm project and it is part of his art practice.

renato habulan

Renato Rentoria Habulan (*1953) sought to portray the contrast between the rich and the poor using realistic figurism by painting landlords and tenants, the ilustrados as represented by Maria Clara in their fineries, the poor and the deprived as typified by Sisa and the ragged and bent sacada. Even when he later shifted his themes from class struggle to the role of religion and tradition, he still creates artworks in the premise of social justice. He was one of the major members of Kaisahan, a group of socially committed artists during the period of dictatorship in the Philippines’ Martial Law era in the 1970s. He is also a member of the Concerned Artists of the Philippines. He received the thirteen Artists Award from the CCP in 1990.

gabriel mondragon

Gabriel Mondragon (*1965) became interested in environment during the late '80s when he was engaged as a research assistant of Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement (PRRM), a national NGO promoting sustainable rural development. In the '90s, he worked as trainer and organizer for community-based forestry projects in Zambales, Philippines; here he enriched his knowledge and practice of sustainable upland farming, organic farming, permaculture, natural agriculture, forest gardening and sloping agriculture land technologies (SALT). Born of a farming family in the island town of Cuyo, Palawan province, Philippines, Mondragon’s childhood is marked with all the hardships of farming. His dream has always been overcoming the poverty miring the lives of rural people. For the past two decades, he has served several development-oriented NGOs geared towards poverty eradication, ecological rehabilitation, local economy development through community-based enterprises, disaster preparedness and early childhood development, gaining him a comprehensive approach to area development and people empowerment.

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