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myforestfarm is a voluntary carbon dioxide offset program in the form of a reforestation project. It started in response to the booming carbon offset market and is driven by dissatisfaction on how some of these offset businesses simplify the complexity of climate change and sell the illusion that the problem of carbon dioxide emissions can be solved with one click on a website. Existing certified carbon offset projects operate on huge scales with the intention to solve the problem of climate change as cheaply as possible. The urge for cost efficiency and the mechanisms of the carbon credit market sometimes lead to absurd solutions with problematic societal or ecological impacts. myforestfarm is applying a different economical approach and on a more manageable scale. The scope is based on a visual artistic scheme. It shows how much it costs and how complicated reforestation and carbon dioxide sequestration is, and it will not hide the difficulties that might occur in the course of the project. We plant trees firsthand in opposition to carbon offset businesses that turn out to be marketing companies who buy carbon rights on trees that other people are planting.

"Tree based" carbon dioxide credits are popular in voluntary carbon offset businesses, because of the marketing appeal of trees as a symbol of ecology. In other words the image of a tree represents a certain amount of carbon dioxide offset. But the interpretations of how much carbon dioxide could be sequestered by an individual tree vary and so far there is no exact scientific quantification method for carbon dioxide offset capacities of trees in forests. Besides this problematic marketing strategy, voluntary carbon offset businesses apply ex-ante accounting. For example if you sponsor five trees to offset one metric ton of carbon dioxide that is caused e.g. by a 10 hour flight today, it will take the whole life time of the trees to sequester that emission. However this could take 40 to 100 years! Though myforestfarm does offset carbon dioxide, none of the generated carbon credits are for sale. It is a project created for the sake of reforestation as an attempt to do carbon offsetting, not for the sake of selling carbon credits. Moreover, it does not exculpate any kind of carbon dioxide emission of potential clients. myforestfarm is following its own principles and is challenging the existing carbon offset business models with artistic means. The promotion of the project depends on meaning instead of marketing. myforestfarm offers art instead of carbon credits; thought instead of speculation. Continue reading the business plan.


myforestfarm engages you in the evaluation of its ecological, societal and economic aspects through its empirical and visual methodology. myforestfarm features a visual validation and transparency strategy:
Rather than delegating the approval of the quality standard to certifying bodies, myforestfarm provides you, the viewer with an extensive archive of photos and videos to observe the development of the project. The idea is to show all stages of the forest farm since it started on the blog, images, guided tours and the map.

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