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myforestfarm is a carbon dioxide offset program in the form of a reforestation enterprise, located in the mountains near Antipolo City, (Rizal Province, Philippines). The project has been conceptualized by artist Dirk Fleischmann and developed in collaboration with Thomas Daquioag, Renato Habulan and Rodolfo Ferrer, who is hired full-time to maintain and photograph myforestfarm. The viewers are encouraged to evaluate the project through the archives on this website.

The CO2 emission market puts reforestation at a disadvantage in competition with industrial carbon offsets, because technical quantification fails to evaluate the complexity of CO2 sequestration of growing forests. myforestfarm is challenging this imbalance with artistic means. The visual validation of myforestfarm is combined with ontological thought. The result is a series of photos "mycarboncredits", which substitutes carbon credits as a commodity (10 € at the e-store).

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abouttreesfarmimagestourblogcarbon offsetfinancearte-storeexhibitionsvisitorslinkscontact©